HUNTERS SAFETY CLASS MARCH 2015--the classes will be held at 3550 Hart Road clubhouse on March 9th 5-9pm, 16th 5-9pm, and 21st 8am-12pm. Signup is February 23rd from 3pm to 7pm at the clubhouse. Cost is $10 to cover materials. Children under ten must be accompanied by an adult.  You must attend ALL THREE CLASSES to receive a certificate. Dave at 517-782-7759 for info. Click on this link to see flyer with info.
PLEASE NOTICE--work tickets for 2014 are red in color.  If you are submitting work tickets for reduced membership fee the tickets MUST be submitted and your membership fee for 2015 paid by January 31, 2015.  Work tickets for a reduction will not be accepted after that date, per JCOC bylaws.  Thank you.
3D ARCHERY SHOOT DATES--please click on this link to view flyer with shoot dates and details regarding 3D shoots at JCOC. 

CERTIFIED RIFLE INSTRUCTOR..needed to organize a Youth Rifle group.  If you are a club member and are certifed as a firearm instructor and would like to help with this program please call Don at 517-787-4743.  Thanks.


RANGE ORIENTATION all club members must complete a Range Orientation class consisting of approximately one hour of discussion prior to using the pistol and/or rifle ranges.  If you are renewing your membership and have already completed the class, you do not have to complete the class a second time. If you are a new member, or an existing member that has not completed the class you may contact a person listed below to arrange for the class time.

Dave Wilson 517-7642352

Dave Teriaco  517-782-7759

John Underwood 517-812-8160



TRAP SHOOTING 2014---trap shooting began in April and finished on October 29th.  There were 68 different shooters this year.  A big THANK YOU to all who participated.  Many shooters shot over a 1000 birds.  Top shooters were:  Gary K. 85% of 1525 birds; G. Lavka 85% of 875 birds; Dan J. 83% of 450 birds; Dennis M. 82% of 850 birds; Mike O. 82% of 650 birds; Scott P. 81% of 1100 birds; and Jerry P. 80% of 2000 birds.  Trap shooting for 2015 will begin the first Wednesday in April.  Please join us for great fun and competition.  Instructions available.
CUB SCOUT OUTING AT JCOC---click the photo album menu tab "CUB SCOUTS 2013" to view photos from the Cub Scout event of 2013.  Clickon an individual photo to enlarge.

Outdoor Club went extra mile

Horton - Thank you just doesn't seem quite enough for all that the Jackson County Outdoor Club did for us.

NEW PRINTED WEAPONS----click on this link to read intereting article about the "printed" gun.  Thanks to member Steve for submitting this.

Scouts enjoy a day full of activities

Posted by Vicky L. Lorencen for the Citizen Patriot October 19, 2008  08:00AM

CITIZEN PATRIOT -  NICK DENTAMARO - Billy Dawd, 10, saws a log with his mother, Connie, using an old-fashioned two-man saw.

If it could be shot, sawed, thrown or chucked, the Boy Scouts "Mountain Man Rendezvous" had a heaping helping of it.

More than 300 Boy Scouts reveled in manly pursuits this weekend at the Chief Lenape Trails District Fall Camporee at the Jackson County Outdoors Club near Napoleon.


CIVILIAN MARKSMANSHIP PROGRAM JCOC is now affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program.  Club MEMBERS can now purchase items through their program.  Visit their site at  You will find the necessary paperwork to download and complete if you want to purchase from their catalog.  The catalog is online too, of course.  ENJOY, another good thing for JCOC members.  Our club is listed in their club directory, and you can get to the JCOC website from there.


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